Audi A3 TDI QUATTRO SLINE 170bhp Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Audi A3 TDI QUATTRO SLINE 170bhp
Uniroyal Rainsport 3 (250) 84% 93% 79% 79% 64% 83% 77% 80% 1,784,205
Nexen N8000 (74) 80% 75% 69% 66% 68% 79% 71% 73% 536,342
Continental Sport Contact 5 (179) 87% 83% 79% 76% 51% 74% 56% 72% 1,923,448
Lassa Impetus Sport (6) 57% 44% 48% 32% 63% 46% 32% 46% 37,030

Audi A3 TDI QUATTRO SLINE 170bhp Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Uniroyal Rainsport 3 given 90% (225-40-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 spirited miles
Fantastic tyres, I ran them on my A3 for just over a year before the fronts needed changing. I drive a lot on A/B and motorway, it handled all very well, though a little noisy, especially as they got low on tred.

Dry grip was equal to the Goodyear A/S 2's I had on before as was wet grip.
The stand out part of this tyre was it's ability to clear standing water though. Even when nearing the limit, going through a deep puddle resulted in a parting of the waves effect. Car stayed straight and true, no pulling until you hit an especially deep pudle, even then there was very little pulling.

I would buy these tyres again witout thinking, and 20K was pretty good milage for a torquey diesel, I didn't even swap them round.

Traction in the winter was also good, but quattro probably had a part to play in that, so I would still suggest a set of winter tryers for the colder months - I was just lazy last year. The RS3's coped just fine though.
tyre reviewed on 2015-06-22 14:43:40
Writing about the Continental Sport Contact 5 given 89% (225-40-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 7000 spirited miles
I live in the UK, where it rains frequently.

And for context, the previous tyres on this car were Yokohama Paradas, which were easily the worst wet weather tyre I have ever had. Frankly, taping buttered-donuts to the wheels would have offered better grip. They weren't my favourite tyre. Can you tell?

In contrast, the Sport 5s have been for me an excellent all-round tyre for the UK. The wet and dry grip have both been excellent, as have their handling characteristics. Because they are a high grip tyre, the faster wear rate hasn't been a surprise to me either. It's simply part of the trade off that you make when selecting tyres. In my experience, a high grip tyre will have a softer compound and wear faster. It's basic physics.

The Sport 5s seem to have had mixed reviews though, which may be in part down to local conditions. I would expect them not to be so great for warmer dryer conditions, where the benefits will be reduced and the wear accelerated.
tyre reviewed on 2013-11-20 09:41:46
Writing about the Nexen N8000 given 63% (225-45-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15000 average miles
Had two N8000's on the front of my A3 as a distress purchase December 2012 (had a ruptured tyre and garage only had the Nexens) and have done about 15,000 miles. Now just under 2mm so time for them to be changed.

Nowhere near as bad as I thought they'd be. They did take 500 miles to scrub in and were truly awful at the start. But after the initial period there was a vast improvement.

They are nosier than the brand leaders and don't feel quite as nice to drive. Grip is good, but the ride slightly harsher and they are fairly noisy.

Upside: Cheap. Far better than other tyres in their price range. Worth a look if on a budget or if you are planning on selling the car at some stage.

Downside: No rim protection at all leaves you being ultra cautious near kerbs. Seemed to initially wear very fast but then slow down (but who wants to drive around on 2mm of tread?)

If I wanted a good pair of tyres that wouldn't break the bank but were safe for 6 months prior to selling the car, I'd look at the Nexens. But
tyre reviewed on 2014-08-10 17:57:05
Writing about the Lassa Impetus Sport given 38% (225-40-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 6000 average miles
A very poor choice of tyre, road noise is terrible, wet handling is awful.the only positives of this tyre is they wear well, but that is it, obviously they are cheap for a reason!!!!
I used to have eagle f1 assy on my car and I will definately be going back to them for my next set of 4 tyres .they just have very poor grip,whether its wet or dry.i guess I expected to much from the the tyre,but in my opinion,if you I've your driving and at times can be enthusiastic,then this is definately not the tyre for you,as I have found out....And as stated earlier,the tyre noise at slow speeds etc is terrible.I will be a happy man when these tyres need replacing,the are shockingly poor in all driving conditions,well unless you are a Sunday driver,but then you will have to endure the noise!!!
Well that's my opinion anyway
tyre reviewed on 2012-12-27 08:52:51
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