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Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (154) 93% 91% 86% 88% 76% 82% 81% 85% 1,537,023

Audi Audi A5 S Line 1.8 TFSI Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 given 95% (255-35-19-W)
Driving on mostly motorways for 1000 average miles
I bought these PS4's because they have won several recent car magazine group tests and I wanted a set of up-to-date tyres that were capable in wet conditions.

My previous tyres were OEM Pirelli P-Zeros, it's not easy to tell what version they were because they don't have an obvious version number moulded into them like the PS4's.

The car rides better over surface imperfections, softening them out and giving an impressively comfortable ride compared to the P-Zeros.

Previously the car tramlined on roads where grooves had been worn into the road by traffic, it was enough to be slightly wearing on longer trips. The PS4's have reduced tramlining significantly, the car is very stable with barely any steering input necessary to keep the car where you want it to be. I can now sweep satisfyingly through corners with a single predictable steering input.

There is more grip, the front tyres do not scrub and understeer until much higher forces have built up. They feel as if they have a softer compound although I wouldn't bet on that actually being the case though as Michelin claim to have used some interesting technology in these tyres to balance grip with long life.

The fuel economy has dipped by about 2-4 mpg on motorway journeys, where I spend most of my time. I was getting 46-49 mpg on my commute but now I'm getting 44-45 mpg. I can't be sure about why that might be.

In terms of noise I'd say they are no quieter than the P-Zeros, however when riding over surface imperfections such as potholes and speed bumps these tyres have a soft, rubbery sound, whereas the P-Zeros sounded harsh, giving off a sharp thump. The softer sound compliments the improved ride quality.

I have driven the car in torrential rain on the motorway with a lot of standing water and these tyres are immense. The car stays true to its line, it resists aquaplaning far beyond expectations, braking is good and handling is extremely stable and predictable. Despite this tyre's other impressive qualities its capabilities in the wet are its best feature.
tyre reviewed on 2017-07-13 15:42:06
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