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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Audi TT RS
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (154) 93% 91% 86% 88% 76% 82% 81% 85% 1,537,023
Federal Evoluzion ST 1 (2) 90% 85% 80% 85% 80% 80% 95% 85% 3,000

Audi TT RS Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 given 88% (255-35-19-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 150 spirited miles
This is an initial review after enough mileage to be able to comment.

The MPS4 replaced MPSS which had replace the MPS2 prior some years back. The MPS2 had replaced a set of Pirelli tyres that lasted or of 8k miles and the MPS2 lasted over 20k miles and had served me well. MPS4 also lasted over 20k miles and I was going for another MPSS however the shop only had two in stock though plenty of MPS4 in the 255/35/19 96Y that I needed. Price was 'OK', sure....I could have got them 'cheaper' if I had shopped around however I was in need so was happy to pay.
First impression walking up to the car is the smell of these new MPS4...very pleasant and more so than I remember new tyres smelling...grabbed my attention for sure. Glad the thread pattern looked like they could go to work...if you know what I mean ;). These may be minor details however that is the sort of things I look out for on new changes. OS before I even got in to the car he tires had already impressed.

I had driven the 50 miles on a wet dull looking British morning to the shop using the motorway so was looking forward to the journey back on B-roads. The car felt good as always on the way there...planted; sure-footed though as the tyres were getting close to end of life the ride had got firmer - which is to be expected.

2nd impression of MPS4 after driving all of 500 meters to a set of light is the comfort...gone were the sharp edges...replaced with a softened thud. So noise level was down and comfort was apparent - again new tyres so that was expected. What I did not expect however was wet road grip on new tyres. I usually take it easy for the best part of 50 miles and past tyre changeover had been nice dry days...however today it was wet on the roads and the confidence form the car made it easier to be a little bit more liberal with the throttle. Grip in the wet was immediately impressive...sure, MPSS was great in the wet however I do not recall them being this good when new. That was the journey home and I was very pleased with the change.

Next day I checked cod tyre pressures and reset these to what I prefer - they had been set 4PSI higher at the shop. The change in PSI helped with comfort further and wet or dry tarmac handling was still surefooted.

Few days later i decided to really test these tyres out and in the wet you can safely move along with confidence. On a dry day the tyres get sticky...judging by the debris pricked up and grip is great...only criticism is that the softer riding now means I either increase rear tyre pressures to get a firmer ride which I like for spirited driving or engage the firmer suspension mode. In fact , I will be upgrading my springs to a firmer set that I usually keep for track days however with MPS4 riding this comfortable, I suspect a stiffer set of rear springs would be just fine.

I will report back after track session and a few more miles. I also note that the MPS4 S is due next year...would wait on feedback before looking in to those if indeed there is much of a benefit but for now the MPS4 are great change to form MPSS.
tyre reviewed on 2016-12-28 18:54:35
Writing about the Federal Evoluzion ST 1 given 83% (255-30-20-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 average miles
Exceptional tyres for their value.
OEM Yokohama V105's were worse...much worse not only in comfort but in both performance on dry and wet. Just the road feedback could be improved ...
Very good tyre and w/o much info in the net was curious to try them and don't regret at all...
tyre reviewed on 2019-02-24 11:39:14
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