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The following tyres have been reviewed on the CitroŽn c4picasso
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 (147) 95% 88% 88% 87% 80% 85% 88% 87% 2,662,853
Uniroyal RainExpert (129) 85% 91% 81% 76% 75% 86% 85% 83% 1,253,762
Falken ZIEX ZE914 EcoRun (73) 87% 83% 82% 83% 79% 78% 80% 82% 777,465
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (197) 88% 87% 78% 79% 74% 86% 75% 81% 2,507,645
Nankang N607 (6) 80% 75% 73% 85% 82% 82% 85% 80% 43,700
Avon ZV7 (63) 87% 83% 75% 72% 78% 83% 78% 80% 319,406
Hankook Ventus V12 evo k110 (114) 84% 75% 76% 78% 74% 79% 73% 77% 1,145,558
Michelin Primacy HP (195) 85% 75% 77% 74% 76% 75% 65% 75% 4,311,094
Marshal KH35 (12) 83% 76% 73% 75% 71% 76% 74% 75% 188,020
Falken ZE912 (197) 82% 74% 76% 70% 71% 79% 73% 75% 2,160,908
Goodride SA05 (18) 75% 69% 69% 66% 76% 38% 48% 63% 250,776
Event WL905 (127) 59% 30% 42% 39% 60% 49% 33% 44% 869,429
Wanli S1088 (82) 57% 35% 40% 38% 58% 37% 30% 42% 643,289

CitroŽn c4picasso Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Michelin Primacy HP given 96% (215-50-17-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 32000 spirited miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2010-03-02 23:52:28
Writing about the Uniroyal RainExpert given 96% (215-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 24000 easy going miles
These tyres have been on the front of my FWD C4 Picasso for 24000 miles. they are now at 2mm. They have been excellent tyres, can't fault their grip in either wet or dry conditions. They could be a little quieter, but I wouldn't say they are noisy, just that I've had tyres that are slightly quieter. I would be buying them again if I wasn't going to be driving in Germany this winter and it is a legal requirement there that if there is snow or icy conditions you must have tyres with the mountain symbol (ie. not summer tyres).
Having said that, I have had no trouble driving in snow in the UK with the Uniroyals these past 2 winters. Excellent tyres.
tyre reviewed on 2014-09-05 08:56:25
Writing about the Hankook Ventus V12 evo k110 given 94% (215-50-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 3000 spirited miles
very good tyres ,treadwear 280 ,traccion AA,temperature A ,GOOD PRICE
tyre reviewed on 2010-04-04 09:56:02
Writing about the Falken ZIEX ZE914 EcoRun given 94% (215-55-16-V)
Driving on mostly town for 6000 average miles
Great tyre on my C4 Picasso. I have the 97 Load index ones. Previous tyres were Michelin Primacy that lasted only 11000 miles. Done some homework and bought 4 of these. Car is much quieter even with a higher load index, and grip in both wet and dry is excellent. I was so impressed that i also have replaced my wife's Kia Rio with these when the Kumho's shreded after 8000 miles !!!!
Definitely will buy these again for both cars
tyre reviewed on 2014-01-31 16:39:49
Writing about the Nankang N607 given 93% (215-55-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 easy going miles
Update on my previous review.
Had the tyres for a year now having covered 10000 miles and I am still impressed with them. In the summer I took the car to central France where the temperature was up to 35 degrees and had no trouble with them.
As for wear, they still have 6mm tread on all 4 tyres so at this rate should be good for at least 30000 miles so my 2nd. winter with them should give no problems.
Overall I'm very impressed with them.
tyre reviewed on 2015-09-27 14:46:18
Writing about the Uniroyal RainExpert given 90% (215-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 average miles
After almost 20,000 miles of mixed use I have order another full set of RainExperts. These are not the tyres for you if you are a boy racer and push things to the limit. But if your priorities are safety and comfort in typical British conditions then get these. Even when worn down to 2-3 mm they feel much better in the wet than the Michelin Primacy tyres that were fitted from new. I can only compare these with the Primacy on my car but I would say:
Dry Grip - Primacy slightly better
Wet Grip - RainExpert much better
Feedback - I'm not a boy racer
Progressiveness - I'm not a boy racer
Wear - No difference
Comfort - RainExpert better
Noise - RainExpert quieter (I was surprised by this)
Snow/Slush - RainExpert better (but it's not a winter tyre)
Fuel economy - Primacy perhaps slight more efficient
Buy again - Have done
tyre reviewed on 2013-01-22 11:13:56
Writing about the Nankang N607 given 87% (215-55-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 easy going miles
Bought 4 of these in October 2014 to replace 2 Uniroyal Rainexperts (front & excellent tyres) & 2 Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance (rear & terrible wear rate). After 3 months use I find road-holding in both wet & dry to be very good, comparable to the Uniroyals. They are slightly noisy on rough road surfaces, but are noticably quieter when the road surface is good. Not as quiet as the Goodyears, but on a par with the Uniroyals. Not driven too many miles since fitting (approx 2000), but the tread on the front tyres is still 7.5 mm so I am optimistic they will wear well.
Just had 8 inches of snow over Christmas and the tyres have performed well. In previous years I have sometimes struggled to get the car off the drive in deep snow (slightly uphill & I never rush into clearing snow, but I had no trouble with these or the Uniroyals). I have never fitted winter tyres, but I suspect they would be slightly better than the Nankangs which being all-season tyres are obviously a compromise, eg. I can get the Nans to spin in the wet at one or two hilly junctions when setting off. Would I buy again? Probably, as they are as good as the Uniroyals which I really rate but are a lot cheaper - and it looks like they'll last a good long time, although fuel consumption is possibly slightly poorer, maybe 1 or 2 mpg down.
tyre reviewed on 2014-12-30 10:09:33
Writing about the Falken ZE912 given 86% (215-45-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2014-03-19 18:45:46
Writing about the Michelin Primacy HP given 83% (215-55-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 35000 easy going miles
Very good tyres, used them for 55000km on a front heavy MPV (set of 4 standard equipped car). In dry they grip enough to let you topple the car in a very tight bend. In wet they are OK but you can get aquaplaning if they are more than half worn. I'm very pleased on how long they lasted with an even wear. Just a tad cheaper and they would make the perfect tyre.
tyre reviewed on 2014-08-01 13:21:45
Writing about the Goodride SA05 given 82% (215-50-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15000 average miles
At ?50 each fitted much cheaper than originals so was not expecting great things. What a surprise aprt from the fronts wearing down to the limit at 10,000 miles the tyres have perform much, much better than expected. they were even excellent in the snow being sure footed and having very good traction.If you need an extra load tyre with an excellent performance at a budget price look no further.
tyre reviewed on 2010-07-27 20:22:32
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