Toyota Chaser Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Toyota Chaser
Nexen N Fera SU4 (29) 92% 90% 85% 82% 81% 91% 90% 87% 166,170
Continental Sport Contact 3 (239) 88% 80% 81% 77% 62% 74% 68% 76% 3,175,337
Nexen N8000 (74) 80% 75% 69% 66% 68% 79% 71% 73% 536,342
Nankang NS2 (201) 76% 58% 66% 62% 74% 63% 61% 66% 1,755,759
Federal SS595 SUPER STEEL (125) 70% 48% 56% 54% 69% 48% 43% 55% 1,243,457

Toyota Chaser Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Nexen N Fera SU4 given 90% (225-40-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 0 spirited miles
I thought id try these after my N8000's wore out. These are really good for a daily driven car. They're afordable and reliable. They grip well in the dry and wet. I decided to take them to a track day. They held up really well but they seem more like normal tyre for daily commuting. I would recommend these to everyone for street usage and spirited driving but not so much for track days. They held up fine for drifting but still would recommend for a daily commute tyre. In a few months ill will be Purchasing Nexen SUR4 tyres to see how they perform. I will be testing them on the track as well.
tyre reviewed on 2016-01-01 08:41:31
Writing about the Nexen N8000 given 87% (225-40-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 0 spirited miles
I didnt have a lot of money when my Nitto invos went bald. So i when to my local tyre shop and the owner told me these are cheaper and very close to the same quality. He wasnt wrong either. In the dry and wet it was on Par with Nitto invos. after the first set wore out(a year later) i bought a second and decided to track them. They held up very well for drifting and for grip. After my last set was done. it was only natural to get the next best thing, Nexen N'Fera SU1(which was installed today) but i have to review them after the track day in December.
tyre reviewed on 2015-11-28 00:08:38
Writing about the Continental Sport Contact 3 given 63% (255-45-18-)
Driving on track for 6000 spirited miles
I've got a Toyota Chaser which is basically a baby supra putting out just over 200 rwkw. Going from Nankang which is well known for being the tyre you put on just before selling your car I paid more then double the price and expected more then double the grip. In the dry there is noticeably more grip. The car is used mixed driving including track work. Goes around the corners really well impressed by it. Where this tyre struggles is under hard acceleration especially in the wet. Going around the corners is fine as long as you are careful with the throttle. Actually goes really quick around the corners and the tyres stick. Make the road wet and you can't do anything except baby the throttle. They are no better then the cheap tyre seriously. And giving it some stick in the dry in first can spin the wheels so although slightly better then the cheap tyres not worth the extra bucks and the excessive wear. For my car (rear wheel drive with lots of pwr) this doesn't seem to be a good choice of tyre. Was recommended the tyre by AWD with big pwr and the tyre does seem to grip like crazy since the pwr is distributed around. Will try the goodyear f1s next.
tyre reviewed on 2010-07-19 15:49:33
Writing about the Nankang NS2 given 53% (255-35-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15 average miles
On a rear wheel drive car with a light rear end like the Toyota chaser these things are dangerous. It span me out at a round about without warning I floored it at 2,000 rpm in 4th gear. Not many tyres do that. It has an LSD which maybe doesn't suit these tyres. I put these on a heavy v8 soarer open diff and they are much better. Planted to the ground and don't seem to wear at all. Good for high kms, heavy car, not much rain. When it rains I'm always a little worried. In the dry they seem alright and have no issue.
tyre reviewed on 2013-07-17 15:17:05
Writing about the Federal SS595 SUPER STEEL given 51% (245-40-18-)
Driving on mostly town for 10000 average miles
Owned a set on my JZX100 Toyota Chaser. Abit noisy in the dry and steering feel is at tad numb with the soft sidewall.

In the dry these tyres have good to decent grip and not to mention progressive too. Tyres talk back and can drive close to the limit before it screeches.

In the rain these tyres are terrible. Dont even hope of having grip what so ever. Can barely get traction off the line, just spins the rear wheels. Dont dare to drive fast in the rain, you will stack your car into a tree or gutter.

But it is run the rear out in the rain at 20/30/40 km/h.

Cant comment on tyre wear, but hope these wear out soon, excuse to get new tyres.
tyre reviewed on 2015-11-11 15:55:16
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