Toyota Yaris Mk2 1.33 (1NR FE) Tyres

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The following tyres have been reviewed on the Toyota Yaris Mk2 1.33 (1NR FE)
Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 (56) 90% 86% 84% 79% 82% 79% 86% 84% 368,862
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (197) 88% 87% 78% 79% 74% 86% 75% 81% 2,507,645
Dunlop Sport BluResponse (144) 87% 85% 80% 74% 59% 83% 65% 76% 1,293,819

Toyota Yaris Mk2 1.33 (1NR FE) Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Dunlop Sport BluResponse given 94% (185-60-15-H)
Driving on mostly town for 25000 easy going miles
I have been driving with these tyres for over 25000 miles. The dry and wet grip is great and only after 22000 miles the front weels started to slide while accelerating in full throttle. Even now they are noise free and run very smoothly. Moreover the rolling resistance is very good and if you have a light right foot, it will give you good fuel consumption. At 12500 miles I moved the front to the back and vice versa and the wear now is even. I believe if your driving style is average and not sporty, you can easily get 25 to 28000 miles from these tyres. I am definetely going to buy them again.
tyre reviewed on 2019-10-31 18:07:20
Writing about the Dunlop Sport BluResponse given 93% (195-50-15-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 33670 average miles
Purchased 4 tyres in 2015, and at the time whilst doing research l found great reviews ..( these or continental) and then possibly due to the size l found them at a very competitive price,compared to contis..
Once fitted... straight away the car was soo much quieter... oh l have since seen same tyres with different tyres labels so to clarify l purchased x4 Dunlop SP blue response with rating label of fuel C, grip A noise 67..
So C/A/67 2015 , tyres made same year.
Noise comfort handling, everything improved, and l really rate these tyres...
They are at their best in dry conditions and they cope equally well in rain... I have really felt confident with these tyres on car... Seriously
They are a summer tyre, but l kept them on during winter, due to UK rainy winters... They are at their optimal when temperatures are above 7degrees.. ( that was from info l saw) so on a cold winter day, when it drops below 7, to me it was noted that the tyres feel v hard, that aside they still were ok. I got through 3 winters with all 4 tyres, l think as they are so grippy they are made of a softer compound than others, but l for price of tyres, and the fact l got 30k ,3 years l was impressed.. These tyres like many summer tyres are not great in the snow, l just slowed down and took care...
I had 2 punctures, both times were screws, later discovered workmen had dropped some over the road and v frustrating as that aside l wouldn't need tyres like l now do... Also it messes with how long they actually lasted... If you do get 4 ensure u rotate them to maintain even wear... I am opting for same tyres again now lve found C/A/67 rating ones, also was hard to match other tyres with them 3 labels,... I would advise getting the best wet grip tyres u can as here in UK rain is more likely than snow..
I did see all season tyres but they run flat, and then Na in tyre sizes.
I'm going to buy same,as l know what they are like, how good they are and atm can't find a worthy replacement.. l really rate these tyres and l think they are a great combination with my trusty reliable car...
tyre reviewed on 2019-11-07 17:00:19
Writing about the Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 given 85% (185-60-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 spirited miles
Finally worn down the old Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance and got a set of these on Jonathan's recommendation. Pretty cheap too - Managed to get them for £55 each from F1 Autocentres online, including fitting, new valves, old tyres disposed of etc. when the prices were fluctuating every day. Bargain! Esp. for these rims! Alas they've gone back up, stabilizing in the low 60's at time of writing so I lucked out there!

Initial differences - The road noise is slightly but noticeably better; It's still pretty loud on certain surfaces but not as obnoxiously loud as the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance were, esp. on concrete slab sections of motorway where the EfficientGrips would leave me with tinnitus because they were so f'ing noisy! Again shows that the official tyre noise rating is useless as the EfficientGrip Performance is rated at 67dB vs the VentusPrime's 71dB so it shouldn't be quieter!!

Grip is noticeably better over the EfficientGrip Performance, at least in the dry - I've yet to trigger the ABS under heavy braking, and it gives confidence that when I want the car to stop, it actually will stop! This was a constant issue with the Goodyears - Under anything other than a perfectly dry flat smooth road, would often suddenly run out of grip when braking hard, triggering the ABS and costing me 50% of forward braking force making the car feel like it was suddenly lurching forward!

Also, there is a fairly steep right turn I often need to take at junction that has poor visibility and is onto a fast road so I want to clear the junction and get up to speed quickly - I find this is a good test of a tyre's grip as it has to contend with sudden high acceleration force and still deliver lateral grip; In my crappy FWD Yaris it's quite a good torture test of a tyre's grip.
The EfficientGrip Performance would almost always wheelspin if I just floored it, losing me forward acceleration and forcing me to back off until I'd straightened the wheel, leaving my rear hanging out longer than I'd like.
The VentusPrime3 has been much better - Several times now I've been through that junction and accelerated at full power into the turn and so far I've never spun the wheels up at all, it just hauled off like I expect them to. Feels much safer and gives me more confidence than the Goodyears did!

They do seem to ride a bit harder than the Goodyears, although this is at the higher PSI I tend to run my tyres at - At stock recommended PSI they absorb speed bump impacts and drains etc. as well as most tyres. The difference in shock absorption between low and high PSI is more noticeable with these than the Goodyears. Might be a factor of sidewall stiffness?

Very happy with them so far - Hankook have made a very good tyre here; My only concern is how long they will last, and how much the performance will degrade over its lifetime - Last time I had tyres with such good initial impressions was with the Continental Premium Contact 5 - I gave them high marks across the board initially, but quickly discovered the horrific wear rate. I think they lasted half as long as tyres normally lasted on that car and that totally negated the relatively low cost (for a Conti!) of it.
(Supposedly they have fixed this in newer version of the CPC5 but the price has gone up by over £30 since then too!)

Hopefully that won't be the case with the Ventus Prime 3 - We shall see when I've put some real miles on them and they've been through all 4 seasons!
tyre reviewed on 2019-08-31 22:31:47
Writing about the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance given 57% (185-60-15-T)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15000 spirited miles
Previously had EfficientGrip Compacts on a Mk1 Diesel Yaris, which were great. When I changed to this car (Damn you Sadiq Khan and your stupid T-Charge forcing me to get rid of the best car I've ever owned!), I found they didn't make that tyre for 15" rims and wasn't sure what to go with so went with the next closest thing.

Given these were labeled 'Performance' I expected better but so far have been disappointed compared to the Compacts; I don't know if it's because this car is lighter at the front than the old diesel Yaris or because the wider tread (185 vs 175) means it's less grippy but these tyres have performed far worse than the EfficientGrip Compacts on the previous car - They are much more prone to wheelspin when moving off aggressively on wet roads, lose grip faster under hard breaking causing the ABS to kick in, and have just been quite disappointing in general in terms of performance in the wet or dry. Cornering performance is above average - Holds surprisingly well given my other issues with it; Just don't brake or accelerate with more than a quarter turn!

Like the Compacts they are noisy as heck, although I haven't had another tyre to compare it to yet, but I've come to expect this from tyres with low noise ratings (Hint: The noise rating is for the noise to bystanders, not the driver; That noise has to go somewhere so usually tyres with low noise ratings are noiser in the cabin!!)

On the plus side they're relatively inexpensive, have lasted pretty well, and they've dealt with the endless potholes and speed humps of London without breaking my spine or rims. It's just a shame so far they've been reminiscent of the relatively poor performance I had with the Cooper CS2s on my old diesel Yaris.

Probably won't be on my list when I need new tyres, although given the rising costs of premium tyres they may get back in just because they're at the low end of the cost table!
tyre reviewed on 2019-01-27 21:50:04
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